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    How does an international prepaid credit card work?

    Whoever intends to travel abroad needs to think about how to pay for purchases made in another country. One of the safest ways is by international prepaid credit card. In addition to preventing problems with theft, it also prevents you from paying dearly in the exchange transaction. This is because the quotation used is that […] More

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    Tips on how to use your credit card to your advantage

    Among the factors that usually compromise the family budget, credit card debts certainly occupy a prominent position. This happens mainly due to the high interest rates practiced by banks and card administrators, so there is little care when making installment purchases. Bad financial planning habits are the main cause of household defaults. Unfortunately, the Brazilian […] More

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    How to quote insurance? Learn how to choose the best option

    How to quote insurance? Learn how to choose the best option. Is it time to quote insurance? It means that you bought a good recently or, you are looking for solutions that bring more professional and family security. This is great, and even though it seems like “more of an expense” for your budget, they […] More

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    2021 new car: financing tips

    It is true that exchanging car journeys for walking, cycling, hitchhiking or even public transport is more sustainable. However, on a daily basis, it is not always easy to depend only on these alternatives. More than a convenience, having your own vehicle is sometimes a matter of necessity. Wondering how to finance yours while spending […] More

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    Home economics tips that every homeowner should know

    One of the most important things – and that every home owner needs to know – is that finances must be properly noted and organized. Ideally, you should make a complete note of all your monthly earnings and expenses. You will need to note: the monthly income of the house, the expenses with electricity, water, […] More

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    4 Tips for Choosing a Low Interest Loan

    Bills overdue and money out of control. That’s enough to create a perfect storm to ruin your finance life. But it can get a lot worse. Taking a loan with a high interest rate can make things even more difficult. Therefore, you should avoid them and look for more suitable options. We put a lot […] More

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    How to earn miles and save on airline tickets

    For travel lovers, this article can be quite informative. Air travel is often very expensive, especially when you are away from your home, and air miles can make all the difference in your budget. It is for this and other reasons that I created a short list with some tips on how to earn miles […] More

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    5 monthly expenses that you can decrease to improve your budget

    Optimizing the home budget, in many situations, becomes a common need of people. Cutting unnecessary expenses, reducing non-essential monthly expenses and improving the family’s “cash flow”, then, becomes an indispensable measure to increase the quality of life, avoid debt, or even achieve greater goals – such as buying a property or a car. In practice, […] More

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