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    4 Tips for Choosing a Low Interest Loan

    Bills overdue and money out of control. That’s enough to create a perfect storm to ruin your finance life. But it can get a lot worse. Taking a loan with a high interest rate can make things even more difficult. Therefore, you should avoid them and look for more suitable options. We put a lot […] More

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    5 monthly expenses that you can decrease to improve your budget

    Optimizing the home budget, in many situations, becomes a common need of people. Cutting unnecessary expenses, reducing non-essential monthly expenses and improving the family’s “cash flow”, then, becomes an indispensable measure to increase the quality of life, avoid debt, or even achieve greater goals – such as buying a property or a car. In practice, […] More

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    10 ways to make (extra) money on the internet to invest

    The internet is no longer just a tool for connecting people, bringing information or entertainment; today, there is a wide range of ways to earn money. With the demand for different services and products growing stronger and stronger, the opportunities to make extra income through it also increase. How to earn money on the Internet? […] More

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    Tips for Spending Less on Real Estate Financing

    Do you want to save money on your mortgage? Especially in times of high interest rates, finding ways to make the financing of the property of your dreams cheaper becomes more and more necessary and essential for the financing to weigh less in your pocket. Pay your financing more often This is a simple method […] More

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    Is renting a property more viable than buying a property?

    Buying or renting a property: what’s more worth it? This is a question for many peoples, especially those who are starting a new life. Certainly home ownership is one of the highest expenses that we make over a lifetime. Due to the facilities provided for financing, it is possible to dilute the purchase of the […] More

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    Capital One Credit Card – Venture

    The Venture Credit Card is one of the most reliable credit card options in the USA. Why is it different from the others? Well, for starters, it makes your life easier, instead of making it harder, as many other cards usually do. Yes, getting a credit card is relatively easy. The issues come after using […] More