5 monthly expenses that you can decrease to improve your budget

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Optimizing the home budget, in many situations, becomes a common need of people. Cutting unnecessary expenses, reducing non-essential monthly expenses and improving the family’s “cash flow”, then, becomes an indispensable measure to increase the quality of life, avoid debt, or even achieve greater goals – such as buying a property or a car.

In practice, maintaining or improving the financial organization at home is not such a complicated task. In reality, it is more linked to a strategic posture, an awareness that it is necessary to contain expenses and focus on what is really important, without extreme sacrifices.

For this, however, it is essential to know your finances, to have an accurate view of everything that is spent, in addition to knowing the needs of the family and their possibilities of giving up some amenities. From there, you can take action and save!

In the family context, one of the expenses that weighs most on the budget is food. With the constant rise in prices of basic items in anyone’s life, an easy fact to note is that going to the supermarket has become increasingly expensive.

So, you need to reduce the monthly expenses of your home and improve your budget, but don’t know where to start? In this article we list 5 expenses that you can reduce at home. Continue reading and check it out!

Monthly purchases

Despite the unfavorable scenario, know that it is possible to make these monthly purchases more economical – everything will depend on your habits and the adoption of the correct posture. For example, it is not at all recommending to go to the supermarket without knowing exactly what to buy. This practice, in most cases, makes purchases more expensive, since you can put unnecessary and superfluous items in the cart.

In addition, another recommendation is to set a fixed date for monthly purchases, avoiding constant visits to the supermarket. This avoids falling for the temptation of commercial establishments, making you buy more unnecessarily. In addition, it is also worth mentioning the basic tip of always researching prices and making them buy in cheaper places.

Credit card

The credit card can be a great ally of the family, by allowing the simple and easy acquisition of goods, services and products. However, it can become a great villain of finance if it is not used consciously.

According to a survey by Banco Neon, Brazilians prefer to use their credit card instead of cash when shopping – 42 times more transactions are made on the card than in withdrawals. Thus, most people end up consuming a high portion of their wages with the card bill, which is often composed of unnecessary expenses and poorly planned purchases, which end up compromising the family’s financial health.


At this point, the tip is always to be as careful as possible with the use of this type of purchase. Avoid having too many cards and making installment purchases. If necessary, study well before making any purchase and only install if you really need it.

Remember that the credit card gives a false idea of ​​purchasing capacity, especially when considering only the value of the installments. This can certainly lead you to spend more and in the wrong way.


In the domestic reality, another point that can have a high impact on the budget is transportation. If you put at the tip of the pencil all the costs involved in traveling, whether by public or private transport, you will see that it is a high expense.

There are ways to reduce monthly transportation costs. For example, if you use your own car, but only make urban trips, it may be an option to invest in a more economical car with a 1.0 engine. In addition, as a vehicle owner, it is important to keep your revisions up-to-date, avoiding increased expenses with repairs and maintenance due to carelessness.


Leisure is an essential point for the quality of life of any family. So it is essential to set aside time and money to make the most of your time together.

If you live in a location where public transport is efficient and safe, using these services can save a good portion of your budget. In the same vein, you can also choose to use transport apps, especially when going to central areas of the city, where you will eventually need to spend on parking.

However, this does not mean that you can and should do everything. In fact, leisure needs to be considered, otherwise, it will end up spending too much and compromising the finances of the house. So, the recommendation is always to plan the tours, already calculating an average of what can be spent.

With this type of information, it is easier to define what can or cannot be done, what places can be frequented, what to eat, etc. The idea is to keep things well


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