How does an international prepaid credit card work?

Whoever intends to travel abroad needs to think about how to pay for purchases made in another country. One of the safest ways is by international prepaid credit card.

In addition to preventing problems with theft, it also prevents you from paying dearly in the exchange transaction. This is because the quotation used is that of the day of the international transfer. With that, you can choose the best date to make the most of the value.

An advantage is the possibility to apply for your international prepaid credit card without having a linked checking account. Another benefit is the chance to make purchases, withdrawals and payments, even in other countries.

How to purchase international prepaid credit card?
To order yours, you need to contact a financial institution that offers the product. It is already possible to hire yours with many traditional banks and fintechs.

Fintechs are startups that bring together technology and finance. They promise services with lower prices than traditional financial institutions, including free international prepaid credit card.

Among the options available on the market, some of them are:

PagSeguro international prepaid credit card
The maquininha company also offers prepaid cards for entrepreneurs and individuals. It can be used for both physical and virtual purchases. If withdrawals are made, the fee is R $ 7.50.

To order yours, it is necessary to pay R $ 12.90. If you are an entrepreneur and have the machine, you are exempt. The good thing is that there is no maintenance fee. The order is placed directly through the PagSeguro website.

Itaú international prepaid credit card
It is offered by the bank. Therefore, it requires a linked current account. The card’s flag can be Visa or Mastercard. One of the main advantages is the zero fee for hiring, recharging, inactivity and annuity.


To place an order for an international prepaid card from Itaú, you must access internet banking and contract in the menu “Contract – Exchange – Prepaid card”.

MercadoPago international prepaid credit card
It is accepted in several establishments in Brazil and other countries. It does not require a linked checking account. The exemption is valid for acquisition and maintenance fees. However, withdrawals have a charge of R $ 9.90.

One feature is the limit of payments and withdrawals in the amount of R $ 3 thousand per day. The request is made by the app available for Android and iOS. Just make your digital wallet and you will have access to the card.

International prepaid credit card RecargaPay

The card is offered through a partnership with Mastercard. It can be used to send money, make payments, withdrawals, top-ups and purchases. The exemption is valid only for the purchase of the virtual card.

For the physical card, the fees charged are R $ 9.99. Withdrawals from lotteries cost R $ 5.90. For ATM redemption, the amount is R $ 7.90. The positive point is the cashback, which works as follows:

1% return on all transactions;
5% for purchases;
10% on cell phone recharges.
There is only a R $ 100 cashback limitation per month.

To order yours, you need to download the RecargaPay app. It is available on Google Play and the App Store.


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