Tips for Spending Less on Real Estate Financing

Do you want to save money with your mortgage? Especially in the days of high interest rates, which find ways to make the financing of building your score cheaper, more and more needed and essential for the financing to weigh less in your pocket.

Pay Your Funding More detention is a simple method that everyone can easily use. Most people make monthly payments, which coincide with the payment of wages. If you increase this frequency and add another annual, half-year or monthly payment, you will save a lot of money with interest.

You can increase this frequency of payments that are part of your holidays, and pay the financing with extra money, with a different part-time task, using your thirteenth, using company performance grants, revenue repayments. Be creative, and you will find several ways to promote some payments in your home finance.

Care for a credit card, maybe wonder what your credit card is in an article on property finance. The answer is simple: interest.

The Brazilian became increasingly debited. One of the causes of this debt is the delivery of the map bill when the consumer cannot pay the entire account in the day of payment. Also, the payment of invoices is often delayed, causing the payment of fines and interest for late payment.

You just have to have a card if you can pay it every month in time and if you have disciplined not to spend more than you can’t. Leave the automatic debit account preferably and never share your account. The savings you will reach, do not pay interest and penalties can be used to increase monthly installments to your home loan and lead to lower interest costs.

Quickly pay your mortgage to print your accounts and plan your payments, you can quickly pay your mortgage and reduce high interest costs. (Photo: Blog. Credit. Com)
Avoid bank accounts at different banks
It’s another simple one. Have you recently checked your bank statements? Opportunities are that if you have a different bank account with another bank, you will pay unnecessary fees and charges to open the account, even if you do not use it. The same works for credit cards.

Include all unnecessary reports and credit cards and place all your bank transactions in one bank. Often, with your property finance, it is possible to obtain lower interest rates through personal service package, bringing your salary account to the institution or simply by the more exclusive relationship with the financial institution. In addition, savings in fees and tariffs will help save good money for a higher frequency of delivery payments.


Explore the transferability of your financing, take a little more effort, but it’s really simple. You should investigate interest standards and tariffs in different institutions to negotiate portability. You must compare tariffs and fees with the entire effective cost (CET) of each financial institution. The smaller, the cheaper your home loan will be.

Try to negotiate a salary loan or make a mortgage with the bank to further reduce interest rates while looking to compare portable rates. Don’t be afraid to withdraw your loan when interest rates do not fall.

Save to increase the deliveries you can pay above, your financing will pay more often, you reduce all interest you will have to pay. By seeing your finances a little and stretching your wallet a little, it is possible that you find extra money to increase your fees.

But how to keep? You can cut off lunch from home, daily coffee at the bakery close to work, divide the car with other friends to work. In every corner it’s a bit to cut, just make your budget and start seeing where your money goes.

Consolidate your debt
Those who have several debts, loans, credit cards, vehicle funding and others should seek a way to strengthen the debt. It is not always possible to strengthen them all in one debt, but you can combine some in a lower interest loan.

To improve your debt, for those who do not know, means paying all your debt with a lower interest loan and only to pay that loan to save all the interest paid for the debt. Talk to several financial institutions to check interesting loan rates and see if they can strengthen your existing debts.


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