Home economics tips that every homeowner should know

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One of the most important things – and that every home owner needs to know – is that finances must be properly noted and organized. Ideally, you should make a complete note of all your monthly earnings and expenses.

You will need to note: the monthly income of the house, the expenses with electricity, water, internet and even extra expenses (gym, any course you are taking and other expenses). For this, the best thing is to use online spreadsheets or applications, which help to keep everything well organized and accessible.

When we are in the habit of recording all expenses, it is much easier to control the money. Also, if you want to make a financial reserve (that money saved for emergencies) this should be the first step!

Make shopping lists

In addition to managing expenses with household bills, the ideal is that you also have control over everything that is purchased at the supermarket. So, nothing better than making complete shopping lists – just write down the exact products you intend to buy and, on the side, the right quantity (example: 3 bags of beans, 2 bags of sugar, a dozen eggs and so on) .

Over time, you will already know what is the ideal quantity of each product per month, avoiding waste and unnecessary expenses. Just be sure to check the validity of the items before buying, ok? In addition, for those who want to save, the main tip is to research prices whenever possible.


Set up a cleaning routine

Organization is the answer to almost everything in life – especially in home care! So, to keep rooms always clean, you will need to set up a cleaning routine that is practical and strategic.

In this case, the ideal is to create a table with the days of the week, dividing the tasks based on them. You can wash the bathroom one day, the kitchen the next, and so on. The tip is to set up this “cleaning table” strategically, so that it is appropriate to your schedules.

Control energy costs

Another point that makes a big difference to the home’s economy is control of energy expenses. Therefore, it is important that you stay attentive on a daily basis: always turn off the fans and air conditioners, do not forget the lights on and, preferably, remove some devices from the outlet (such as the microwave, computers, notebooks and even even TV monitors). Following this tip is practically mandatory for anyone looking to save on the month-end account.


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