How to earn miles and save on airline tickets

For travel lovers, this article can be quite informative. Air travel is often very expensive, especially when you are away from your home, and air miles can make all the difference in your budget.

It is for this and other reasons that I created a short list with some tips on how to earn miles and save on your travels.

Ready? Let’s see these tips then.

Don’t be alarmed by the annuity

The best cards to earn miles are those in which each dollar spent becomes the highest number of points.

And it is true that these cards, the vast majority, have higher annuities than you could pay in other competitors.

However, if you are really a travel fan, this difference in annuity will probably be completely erased in the discount you will get onwards.

The site Best Destinations recommends the Santander Unlimited Mastercard Black card which has an annual fee of R $ 897, but has two very good features:

→ Earn 2.2 points for every dollar spent;

→ Points never expire;

Another advantage is that you can cancel the card at any time without a problem.

Don’t be fooled by airlines

It is not because you are going to make a card associated with an airline that it will be more advantageous than the competition.

Often, these companies only attract customers with this kind of promise, but when you compare the features with other competitive cards, it turns out to be a bad decision …

For this reason, always remember to see how many points per dollar you earn and the validity of those points is something very important to take into account.

Prefer connecting flights

They can be more boring and time consuming than traveling directly to the place you want, but if your goal is to earn miles, then taking connecting flights is the right decision to make.


Often, you can’t even enjoy the rest of the day if you take a direct flight, why not do it with a connection !?

Earn miles when filling your car

The Ipiranga gas station has a points program called “Km de Vantagens”, where you earn Km every time you refuel your vehicle.

After accumulating a few kilometers, you can exchange them for prizes they offer or discounts with their partners, some of which are airlines.

There are other gas stations with points programs, but Ipiranga’s is by far the most advantageous evaluated.

Purchasing at partner companies

Some credit cards offer a greater number of miles per dollar spent if you shop at any of the partner companies.

This way, everyone wins, since the partner company is able to sell more and you earn more miles.

This does not happen with all of them, but it is worth looking into if your card has this kind of advantage.

Pay your bills by credit card

If you are going to spend a fortune on bills and bills, from electricity, water, gas, etc … Why not take advantage and pay with your credit card?

In this way, you are earning miles by paying your daily bills, adding the useful to the pleasant.

So, did you like the tips to save and earn more miles on your card? Do you have any more tips to add? Write to us in the comments!


Written by Victor

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