Reasons for you to control your spending write everything down

Is 100% sure where every cent of his monthly salary goes? Otherwise you should see your life again and start taking notes. Continue to follow your finances is just as important as your doctor checks. If you do not understand how much you spend on the necessary things and the good things and how easy you are, you are easy to lose money and make room for unwanted situations, especially in crisis or urgency. It’s time to know where in between and leaves your pocket. Being indifferent to your money is quite dangerous and will eventually have problems such as debt, which should avoid all costs. Debts can become a fairly fast nightmare. Gets loans here, set a number of accounts there and when you identify yourself, it is drowning in an endless ocean account. This is not the worst scenario, not yet. It is much worse if you are in this type of situation and you have to deal with unwanted households, or maybe your car stopped working. Something can happen, it must be ready to ignore. The only way to do it is to understand your lifestyle, how much it costs and how you can save money. Discover where your money happens on stricter account accounts helps identify consumption patterns and which effects are generated by your benefits. In that sense, the budget is the starting point. If there is no exact recording of the movements, it is difficult to create an \\ u200b \\ u200Bnacker analysis. For more precise control it is interesting to understand spending in category, such as supermarket, rental, electricity, water, health, recreation and transport. In addition, small expenses must be emphasized, because they can represent many things in total sum that are accompanied when they are accompanied by having “disappeared”. ” Use your money judgment if you get your expenses better, you can start taking decisions about your expenses. Where can you spend less? Are all your costs needed? Do you have to make additional income to pay your basic accounts? All this can only be answered and analyzed after some time registration costs. Scripture for your expenses is just a small part of the change that you need to make a \\ u200b \\ u200bmakeMore. You won’t change your comments. You have to learn something with them and take more health practices for your pocket and all ideas that you have to transform when you take costs in action. What can you do today to improve your financial life? Technology is your ally, use it! Take control of your money is not easy, but technology has become much easier in recent years. You do not have to take notes with a pencil or pen. You can create a spreadsheet and store any activity to your bank account, as well as the money you try to back up. There are also other options next to Microsoft Excel and Google Docs, they have also developed specifically people who want to manage their money and follow their costs. With these tips it can be important in your own life.


Written by Victor

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